November 24, 2020

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Going back to the heart of worship

Too Faithful-What You Say Is What You Do

Last year after a 21 day fast I had an encounter with the power of God and He told me I’m going to go through trials but I should be faithful even unto death (Rev 2:10). After that immediately I fell sick and lost my memory, I became paralysed and lost my speech. I was taken to hospital and I was diagnosed with TB Meningitis and TB Spine and doctors said it’s a miracle I’m even alive. I put my trust in God because He promised he would heal me. God through His Angel in a dream appeared to me and told me, “Michael im going to heal you and i’ll give you a testimony and it will encourage many”. Day by day i would cry out to Him. A month later in the surgical ward an Angel appeared to my uncle and instructed him to tell me ,”because of my faith I’m healed”. The next few days I could stand on my own! Glory to God! My bill of $8000 was paid with Institutions I don’t even study in and my parents had to top up just a few shillings. I took medication for a whole year and none of my kidneys were damaged, people who were on the same treatment had all kinds of side effects and even when I forgot to take medication God was faithful and I didn’t have any side effects. I thank God for His faithfulness and love towards me! This song has blessed me. I just want to encourage you all that God knows what you are going through and HE hasn’t left you, He has a plan for you so just put your Faith on the cross and all will be well Beloved!

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