November 24, 2020

Gospel Downloads

Going back to the heart of worship

You are too Faithful to Fail Me-Moses Bliss

He is too faithful to fail me .I lost almost everything but not HIM ,Life was tough . But I always put my trust in him and hope for better days by singing too faithful almost every minute for I know he is too committed to live me halfway ..After all he restored me and exposed the Devil .I believe what he start he always finish .I WILL BE FOREVER GRATEFUL.  

Omolabake Olajumoke

What You Say Is What You Do-Moses Bliss

Lord I'm sorry for doubting your power This song has reminded me that You would never disappoint me. I may not be faithful but in thankful for Your grace and mercy. I will stand still and wait knowing what You say is what You do! I love you Lord and I know you will not disappoint me.  

Giselle Solomon

What You Say Is What You Do-Moses Bliss

Nigerians have become my favorite gospel singers, they don't sing to the crowds but straight to God, much love from Namibia

Anna Klein

What You Say Is What You Do-Moses Bliss

You're too faithful to fail me, after several negative pregnancy tests carried out but God never disappointed me because I just tested positive this morning. Am one month pregnant because God has proven himself in my life. Thank you Jesus for giving me victory because you cannot leave me half way👏👏👏. This is my prayer for all the women.


Nkongho Grace

What You Say Is What You Do-Moses Bliss

Who else was feeling down and under alot of pressure but when they heard this song their heart gain comfort.?His is too faithful 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 to fail me. 🇰🇪


Nanus Kizito

Too Faithful-What You Say Is What You Do

If only we believe this song, the devil will never dear us. I was pregnant in 2018 buy at 33 weeks I went into labour gave birth normally but the baby didn't make it after 11days. I lost so many things including US visit Visa but in 2019 When God proved he was too faithful to fail me I got everything I lost in a better way. He gave me UK visa with work permit with my family I became pregnant with twins (male and female) In 2020 at 34 weeks I fell in labour and all I said was u are too loving to leave me half way. Today the babies don't look anything like premature.

Tuoyo Babatomilola

Too Faithful-What You Say Is What You Do

Last year after a 21 day fast I had an encounter with the power of God and He told me I'm going to go through trials but I should be faithful even unto death (Rev 2:10). After that immediately I fell sick and lost my memory, I became paralysed and lost my speech. I was taken to hospital and I was diagnosed with TB Meningitis and TB Spine and doctors said it's a miracle I'm even alive. I put my trust in God because He promised he would heal me. God through His Angel in a dream appeared to me and told me, "Michael im going to heal you and i'll give you a testimony and it will encourage many". Day by day i would cry out to Him. A month later in the surgical ward an Angel appeared to my uncle and instructed him to tell me ,"because of my faith I'm healed". The next few days I could stand on my own! Glory to God! My bill of $8000 was paid with Institutions I don't even study in and my parents had to top up just a few shillings. I took medication for a whole year and none of my kidneys were damaged, people who were on the same treatment had all kinds of side effects and even when I forgot to take medication God was faithful and I didn't have any side effects. I thank God for His faithfulness and love towards me! This song has blessed me. I just want to encourage you all that God knows what you are going through and HE hasn't left you, He has a plan for you so just put your Faith on the cross and all will be well Beloved!

Michael Tisa
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